Metal workers and conceptual artists in Cornwall

Cornwall has been famous for it's metal workers and conceptual artist for many years. The tradition still continues. If you would like your business listed here, please use our on-line submission forms and we may be able to help you promote your work.


Twysted Roots

Twysted Root

I make handmade decorative bead and copper wire trees. Each tree is unique and cannot be exactly replicated so you are guaranteed to have a one off design. Trees can be of a single bead or wire colour or a complimentary or contrasting mix. They make a lovely gift either as a stand alone decorative item, part of a collection, or as a cake topper for a celebratory cake. Find Twysted Roots on Facebook Follow Twysted Roots on twitter

Caroline Kelley-Foreman

aluminium sheet fox broach by Caroline Kelley-Foreman

Inspired by nature I hand pierce and beat aluminium sheet. The metal I use is a waste product from a cladding company so has green credentials. Aluminium is much more purse friendly than silver and has the added benefit of not tarnishing. The metals lightness makes it perfect for brooches and ear rings which are so light you can barely feel them. Find Caroline Kelley-Foreman on Facebook Shop with Caroline Kelley-Foreman on etsy

Nigel Wills Metal Sculptures

Born in Claremont Terrace, overlooking Falmouth Harbour, the sea has always been a huge influence on Nigel’s life but he has only in the last seven years begun to fulfil his lifelong dream of creating metal sculptures in steel and copper. Each sculpture is individually honed into shape by hand, using traditional metal forming methods and tools such as plenishing hammers, dollies and a leather sand bag. This gives each piece a different character and individuality. Although uniform no one sculpture can ever be totally replicated, such is their individuality. The sumptuous colours of each piece are also one-off effects. The steel is heat tempered, a difficult technique which involves applying focused heat to the shaped steel, which then blooms into the iridescent green blue colours. Every piece is then hand marked and sealed to preserve its integrity.

Creative Metalwork

At creative metalwork we have over 60 years of combined metalworking knowledge, we pride ourselves on the quality and finish on all our products. From our workshop based in the heart of cornwall we produce a wide range of products from gates, fire baskets, large garden sculptures, water features to art glass panels and much more. Having completed a BA (hons) in Applied arts, our passion for sculptural work keeps us going through the long winter months, however the idea of a starving artist consumed by passion for there work may be very romantic, it is a little unpractical in the modern age. Therefore we put the same passion and dedication into offering a complete metalworking service.Working in steel, copper, brass, silver and gold. We also work alongside trusted skilled craftspeople enabling us to offer wood, stone, artistian ceramics and glass to incorparate in your metalwork. Follow Creative Metalwork on twitter

T’Halli-Ho Designs

I up-cycle used shotgun cartridges into all sorts of interesting objects, keyrings to earrings, fridge magnets to lamps. It’s just a pure love of making something out of nothing that has had its use and just tossed aside! Find T’Halli-Ho Designs on Facebook

SAW Forge - blacksmith

  • Address: The Old Smithy, Carwinion Road, Mawnan Smith, Cornwall TR11 5JF
  • Telephone: 07885 445447
  • Email:
  • Contact: Steve Wilson

SAW Forge is a traditional blacksmith operating out of 'The Old Smithy' in Mawnan Smith. We specialise in bespoke, traditional and contemporary metalwork, including interior furnishings, fireplaces, lighting, outdoor furniture, sculptures, gifts and more.

Abstract Arcs

I create heat coloured and lacquered metalwork using mild steel and recycled copper. Items include mirrors, candlesticks, clocks, bowls and purely decorative work. Newer work includes galvanised exterior sculpture and brushed and waxed abstract interior free standing and wall pieces.

Atkinson Art

Atkinson Art is an online shop selling quality aluminium candle holders handmade by master metalsmith Charles Atkinson on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. Visit our website to explore our range of beautiful unique products.